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Please read these terms and conditions carefully before making a booking. By proceeding to pay a deposit/booking fee you, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Client’, agree to be bound by these conditions enforced by Nikki Baxter Makeup for the provision of makeup services.


All pricing is subject to change unless a final quote has been given and the booking fee has been paid.


Trials are held at Nikki Baxter Makeup  private home studio in Mudgee. Trials are at an additional cost and are billed separately. Specific trial days may be offered during peak wedding season as weekend bookings are limited to bridal parties and events however Nikki Baxter Makeup will endeavour to schedule a time that suits the Client. Trials cover one makeup look. If you would like to cover two looks this will be an additional charge. A second trial booking will incur the full fee of a trial.


To secure a wedding date, a deposit of the brides service total or an amount decided by Nikki Baxter Makeup is due at the time booking and will be outlined on the invoice. The booking fee will be deducted from the final balance.
All bookings fees are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. The booking fee is to cover administration and loss of other bookings caused by allocating the Client booking. In the unlikely event that Nikki Baxter Makeup is unable to attend the Client booking due to sickness, injury, personal emergency or any other circumstance beyond control, Nikki Baxter Makeup will endeavour to find a replacement. However, finding a replacement is not guaranteed. The Client will receive a full refund of the money paid, less services provided.


Please consider and confirm numbers carefully at the time of booking, as Nikki Baxter Makeup does not offer any reductions to service numbers unless agreed in writing prior to booking. This includes but not limited to, situations where the booking and/or wedding is amended due to personal relationship breakdowns, financial, family situations and unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to: health pandemics, change to regulations, health warnings, weather events, travel limitations, venue closures. Additional services can be booked in at any time pending availability of Nikki Baxter Makeup.



Client satisfaction is of upmost importance however may not exceed allotted time slot. Verbal agreeance is thereby confirming the client is happy with the services performed. If the client is unhappy with the service provided, they must raise their concern whilst Nikki Baxter Makeup is still on location and it will be rectified.


Trials – cancelling or rescheduling of trials requires 1 weeks notice. 
Wedding Date – Cancelling of weddings requires 90 days notice. Failure to notify Nikki Baxter Makeup prior to 90 days, will result in payment being due in full. Failure to pay the full balance due will result in a final letter of demand which will be emailed to the address supplied. If after seven days of the letter being sent, full payment has not been made, Nikki Baxter Makeup will pursue legal action to retrieve those funds. All legal fees will be at the expense of the Client. All booking fees are strictly non-refundable or non-transferable regardless of the reason given. The booking fee is to cover administration and loss of other bookings caused by allocating the Client booking.


If the Client choses to reschedule or postpone the booking event, this will be subject to new pricing.


Enforced cancellations due to government regulations (lockdown) will result in the Client receiving a full refund minus the booking fee. The booking fee will be credited to a future date. If Nikki Baxter Makeup is unavailable for the new date, then the booking fee is forfeited as the booking fee is non-refundable. 


Getting ready location is at the discretion of the Client however, there are certain requirements Nikki Baxter Makeup needs to complete services. Working electrical outlets must be available for use. A work area with table and a chair as well as ample lighting (natural or artificial) is also necessary for services to be performed properly.


 Nikki Baxter Makeup may charge a travel fee if service location is outside of 30 minutes of Mudgee town centre. This will be included on the invoice before booking is made. If service location changes after booking is confirmed and is more than 30 minutes from Mudgee town centre, an additional travel fee may incur.



A start time is set by Nikki Baxter Makeup to ensure satisfactory completion of work is provided. One hour per person is allocated plus up to an additional hour to include time for set up and touch ups. Nikki Baxter Makeup requires the Client and party to be completed a minimum of 1.5 hours prior to leaving for the ceremony. If a start time prior to 6am is calculated, an additional $50 per hour is incurred and will be added to invoice.



The Client grants permission for Nikki Baxter Makeup to use images for portfolio, social media, or promotional purposes unless stated prior. Nikki Baxter may take photos and videos on the day and it is up to the Client to notify Nikki Baxter Makeup if they do not wish for photos and videos to be taken. Nikki Baxter Makeup is happy to be photographed on the day however please ensure to tag @nikkibaxtermakeup on social media or credit Nikki Baxter Makeup for the work performed.



The final balance is due 14 days before the event as one payment. The person responsible for the entire bill is the person(s) who has agreed to the terms by making the booking and paying the initial booking fee. Payment can be made via bank transfer.


Nikki Baxter Makeup is not liable for any allergic reactions, skin complications, or damages arising from the use of makeup products. The Client agrees to disclose any known allergies or skin sensitivities prior to the makeup session. Nikki Baxter Makeup will not fall responsible for any reactions that in the unlikely event may occur. In no event will Nikki Baxter Makeup have any liability for incidental, or consequential damages however characterised for example: sensitive skin, sensitive eyes, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea etc.



It is required to notify Nikki Baxter Makeup prior to any scheduled appointments or trials, of any information relevant to allergies, health conditions, sicknesses/infections, skin conditions, medical and/or sensitivity issues. 
Please note that any sicknesses/contagious infections i.e - common cold, conjunctivitis, coldsores, rashes, warts or the flu - makeup services can not and will not be performed under any circumstances with these conditions.

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